1. Column geometric properties

Actual column length, L

Effective length for buckling about the y-y axis, Le.y (Table 5.2)

Effective length for buckling about z-z axis, Le.z = 1.0 • L

Effective length of member acting as a beam with a constant moment along the length, iei (Table 4.2 (EC5, Table 6.1))

Width of member, b

Depth of member, h

Cross-sectional area, A

Second moment of area about the y-y axes, Iy Iy =

Section modulus about the y-y axes, Wy Radius of gyration about the y-y axis, iy Slenderness ratio about the y-y axis, ky

12 2Iy_

Wy= 6x 105 mm3

Second moment of area about the z-z axis, Iz Iz Radius of gyration about the z-z axis, iz h ■ b3 12

Slenderness ratio about the z-z axis, kz

2. LVL properties

Table1.15 - Kerto S

Characteristic bending strength about the y-y axis, fm.y.k

Characteristic compression strength parallel fc.0.k = 35 N/mm2 to the grain, fc.o.k

Fifth-percentile modulus of elasticity parallel to the grain, E0.05

Fifth-percentile shear modulus, G0 05

3. Partial safety factors

Table 2.8 (UKNA to BS EN 1990:2002, Table NA.A1.2(B)) for the ULS

Permanent actions, yG yG = 1.35

Variable actions, yq yq = 1.5 Table 2.6 (UKNA to EC5, Table NA.3):

Material factor for LVL, yM YM = 1-2

4. Actions

Characteristic permanent compressive Gk = 8 kN action, Gk

Characteristic short-term compressive Qk = 19.5 kN variable action, Q k

Design compressive action for the critical Nd = yg ■ Gk + yq ■ Qk load combination, Nd (Table 2.8, equation (c) using the unfavourable condition variable action)

Moment about the y-y axis: Eccentricity, ez

5. Modification factors

Factor for short-duration ^mod short = 0.9 loading and service class 2, kmod.short

System strength factor, ksys - not relevant

Size effect exponent, s (Table 1.15)

Depth factor for LVL -for bending edgewise, kh (Table 2.11 (EC5, 3.4; BS EN 14374-2004))

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