Design Considerations

Composite sections will function as flexural elements, discussed in Chapter 4, and must comply with the relevant design rules and requirements of EC5 for such elements. The limit states associated with the main design effects are the same as those given in Table 4.1 and where used in residential floors their vibration behaviour must comply with the requirements covered in 4.6.2.

The primary difference between the design process used for composite sections and that used for solid sections is that small deflection bending theory has to be modified to take into account the fact that composite sections are made up of elements having different values of modulus of elasticity. This affects the design process for strength-related properties and is discussed in the chapter.

As well as affecting strength, the variation in modulus of elasticity affects stiffness behaviour and this is also addressed.

The general comments in 4.2 are also applicable to glued composite sections.

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