Effective slenderness ratio about Xef y = Le the y-y axis, Xef.y (equation (8.10))

Atot Ief.z

Critical effective slenderness ratio, Àef.z large of Àef.y and Àef.z

6. Compression strength of column

The critical design load case at the ULS will be due to the combination of permanent and unfavourable medium-duration variable action:

Design compression stress, CTc.o.d CTc.o.d = (equation (8.7))

Design compression strength, /c.o.d /c.o.d = Buckling resistance condition (5.3.1 (EC5, 6.3.2))

Xef z

Relative slenderness about the A.rei.z = —- • Z-Z axis, Xrel.z

Atot ' ksys

As the relative slenderness ratio is greater than 0.3, conditions in 5.3.1 apply (EC5, 6.3.2(3)):

Factor (ic for solid timber (equation (5.6); EC5, equation (6.29))

Instability factor, kz (equation (5.5b); EC5, equation (6.28))

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