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8. Buckling and shear stress check in the web

Buckling condition for the web in EC5:

Shear strength of the web: Panel shear strength of the web,

bw ratio = 12 ratio is <70; therefore buckling OK

Design shear force able to be taken by the web (equation (7.25); EC5, equation (9.9))

Design shear force in the web, Vd

The design shear strength of the web is greater than the design shear force in the web; therefore OK

Shear strength of the glued joint between the web and the flanges At the instantaneous condition: Design shear force, Vd Vd = 3.79 x 103 N

First moment of area of a flange Sf = 2 ■ bf ■ hf ■ about the NA, Sf

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