As stated in 4.3, to be able to verify the ultimate and serviceability limit states, each design effect has to be checked and for each effect the largest value caused by the relevant combination of actions must be used.

However, to ensure attention is primarily focussed on the EC5 design rules for the timber or wood product being used, only the design load case producing the largest design effect has generally been given or evaluated in the following examples.

Example 8.8.1 The glued built-up box section, shown in Figure 8.8.1, is made from 200 mm by 44 mm solid sections of strength class C16 timber to BS EN 338:2003, functions under service class 2 conditions, and supports the axial compression loading given below. The column is 4.50 m high, and is pinned and held laterally in position at each end.

Check that the section complies with the strength requirements of EC5 at the ultimate limit states (ULS). The axial loading is along the centroidal axis and: The characteristic permanent action is 40 kN; The characteristic variable action (medium term) is 80 kN.

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