kmod.med ' ksys

Md = 23.59 kN m am.y.d = 20.97 N/mm2 fm,yA = 29.33 N/mm2 fmr.y.d = 26.5 N/mm2

Design bending strength, fm. y. d ,

Design bending strength taking fmr.y.d = kclit ■ fm.y.d lateral torsional buckling effect into account, fmr y.d, equation (4.13) (EC5, equation (6.33))

Bending strength is satisfactory

7. Shear strength

The design load case will be due to a combination of self-weight of the beam plus the combined permanent and variable point loads at mid-span:

Fd p

Design value for end shear force, Vd = + Fd. selfwt '

(ignoring shear reduction due to self-weight at the support), Vd Design shear stress, rv.d (equation (4.16)) Design shear strength, fv.d (equation (4.18))

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