and F90 Rk for softwood is defined below. • Fv Ed1 and Fv Ed 2 are the design shear forces on each side of the connection as shown in Figure 10.13.

Timber trusses are normally fabricated using softwood species and based on a linear elastic fracture mechanics approach the characteristic splitting capacity of softwood member(s) A, shown in Figure 10.13, will be:

Fig. 10.14. Rows of fasteners.

where w = max((wpl/100)a35, 1) for punched metal plate fasteners and w = 1 for all other fasteners, F90jRk is the characteristic splitting capacity (in N), w is a modification factor, he is the distance from the most distant connector or the edge of the punched metal plate fastener to the loaded edge (in mm), h is the member height (in mm), b is the member thickness (in mm), and wpl is the width of the punched metal plate fastener parallel to the grain (in mm).

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