Fig Ea

1. Geometric properties


Thickness of each plywood gusset plate, tp


Thickness of the timber, tt

Width of timber member 1, h 1

Width of timber member 2, h 2

Cross-sectional area of member 1, A1

Cross-sectional area of member 2, A2

Nail diameter, d

Nail head diameter, dh

Nail length, £nail

Nail pointside penetration, tpoint

4.44 kN

Member 2

Member 1

Plywood gusset plate

1 kN

Plywood gusset plate

1 kN

A1 = h1 ■ tt A2 = h2 ■ tt d = 3.0mm dh = 2.25 ■ d

Minimum penetration of nail in inner member, ipoint.pen ( (EC5,

Minimum nail penetration criteria met

2. Timber and nail properties

Table 1.3, strength class C18 (BS EN 338:2003(E), Table 1)

Characteristic density of the timber, pk pk = 320 kg/m3 Table 1.9, 12-mm-thick Finnish birch plywood

Characteristic tensile strength at 90° to the face grain direction, /p.t.90.k

Characteristic compressive strength parallel to the face grain, /p.c.0.k

Characteristic compressive strength perpendicular to the face grain, /p.c.90 k

Characteristic density of the plywood, ppk


Tensile strength of a nail, /u

3. Partial safety factors

Material factor for plywood Material factor for connections

4. Actions

Design action in member 1, Fd1

Design action in member 2, Fd.2

5. Modification factors

Factor for medium-duration loading and service class 2, (Table 2.4 (EC5, Table 3.1))

Bearing factor, kc 90 (equation (4.22) (EC5, 6.1.5 (1)))

/p.c.o.k — 27.7 N/mm2 fp.c.90.k — 24.3 N/mm2 Ppk — 630 kg/m3

6. Embedment strength of timber

Characteristic embedment strength of timber parallel to the grain (equation (10.28); EC5, equation (8.15))

(The equation incorporates dimension factors for Mathcad.)

Characteristic embedment strength of the plywood, /h,p,k (Table 10.6 (EC5, equation (8.20))

7. Yield moment of a nail

Characteristic yield moment of a nail,


(Table 10.5 (EC5, equation (8.14))) (The equation incorporates dimension factors for Mathcad.)

8. Withdrawal resistance

Nail pointside penetration/nail diameter (10.8.1 (EC5, 8.3.2(7)))

Nail headside penetration/nail diameter (10.8.1 (EC5, 8.3.2(7)))

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