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Example 10.13.3 The five-member single-bolt (12 mm diameter) joint of a truss functioning in service class 2 conditions and supporting medium-term variable loading is shown in Figure E10.13.3. All members are 150 mm wide C18 timber to BS EN 338:2003 and the member thicknesses are as detailed below. The design forces in the members are a combination of permanent and medium-term variable actions.

Check that the joint complies with the design requirements of EC5. (There is no requirement to check loaded end and edge distances.)


Member Thickness Force Design value

1 t1 = 50 mm In each member 2.5 kN in tension

2 t2 = 50 mm In each member 1.444 kN in compression

3 t3 = 70 mm In member 2.887 kN in tension

Tensile strength of the bolt /u.k = 400 N/mm2

Characteristic density of the timber pk = 320 kg m3

Member 3 Member 2 Shear plane (1) Shear plane (2)

Member 1

Five-member connection

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