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Example 10.13.2 A timber-plywood gusset plate apex joint for the connection shown in Figure E10.13.2 is to be designed using 12-mm-thick Finnish birch plywood with a characteristic density of 630 kg/m3 and fixed with the face grain horizontal. The joint fasteners are 3.00 mm diameter by 50 mm long smooth round wire nails, fixed without pre-drilling, with a tensile strength of 650 N/mm2 and act in single shear. The timber members are strength class C18 to BS EN 338.2003 and the sizes are as shown in Figure E10.13.2. The joint will function under service class 2 conditions. The joint is subjected to design loading as shown, arising from a combination of permanent and medium-term variable actions.

Design the connection to comply with the requirements of EC5. (There is no requirement to check the strength of the timber.)

4.44 kN

Member 2

Member 1

Member 1: 100 mm by 50 mm thick Member 2: 125 mm by 50 mm thick

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