If a member is subjected to bending about both axes and the relative slenderness ratio for bending about the y-y axis is <0.75, the design conditions to be met are that equations (4.4c) and (4.4d) must be satisfied,

fm,y,d fm,z,d km ^^ + ^^ < 1 (EC5, equation (6.12)) (4.4d)

fm,y,d fm,z,d where CTm,y,d and CTm,z,d are the design bending stresses about the strong and weak axes as shown in Figure 4.3, and, for a rectangular section of width b (mm) and depth h (mm) as shown:

^m,y,d - ^y where My d is the design bending moment about the y-y axis and Wy — (bh2)/6 is the associated section modulus;

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