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where b and h are the cross-sectional sizes of the member and h is the larger dimension. The constants k1 and k2 have been determined by Timoshenko and Goodier [4] and are given in Table 4.5 for varying ratios of h/b. For solid rectangular sections, where h /b > 1.5, k1 can be approximated to:

and when h/b > 2.5, factor k, which equals k1 /k2 can be taken to be unity. It is to be noted that at this ratio the shear stress will be overestimated by approximately 3.5% and when the ratio is 5 the overestimate will have reduced to effectively zero.

The value of k and k1 is obtained from the relationships given in equation (4.34), derived from functions in [4]:

Table 4.5 Stress {k\) and rotation (k2) factors based on equations from Timoshenko and Goodier




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