4. Actions

Characteristic permanent action, Gk Gk = 25 kN

Characteristic medium-duration variable Qk = 35 kN (imposed) action, Qk

Design compressive action for the critical Nd = yG ■ Gk + yq = Qk load combination, Nd .r „ ,„4l,T

(Table 2.8, equation (c) using the unfavourable condition)

5. Modification factors

Factor for medium-duration loading and kmod.med = 0.8 service class 1, kmod.med (Table 2.4 (EC5, Table 3.1))

System strength factor, ksys - not relevant ksys = 1.0

6. Strength of column and packs

The critical design load case at the ULS will be due to the combination of permanent and unfavourable medium-duration variable action:

Direct stress on the spaced column:

Nd 2 Design compression stress, ac.0.d ac.0.d =--ac.0.d = 3.7N/mm2

Design compression strength, /c.0.d /c.0.d =

0 0

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