Coach screw pointside threaded lef — —

penetration, lef

Coach screw penetration coefficient icoeff — must exceed 6 ( (EC5, 8.7.2(3)))

i.e. minimum screw penetration criteria met

Lateral spacing of each coach screw spl — 80 mm parallel to the grain in the direction of the lateral loading, spl

Lateral spacing of coach screw for sph — 36 mm tension loading direction, sph

2. Timber and coach screw properties

Table 1.3, strength class C22 (BS EN 338:2003(E), Table 1)

Characteristic density of timber, pk Coach screws:

Tensile strength of each coach screw,

3. Partial safety factors

Material factor for connections

4. Actions

Design load on the connection, Fd

Design axial load on the connection,

Design lateral load on the connection, Fv.d

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