Two 24 mm thick plywood gusset-plates (one each side)

Inner member:

75 X 300 mm C27 timber

12 mm diameter bolts

All dimensions are in mm

1. Geometric properties

Bolt diameter, d

Tensile stress area of a bolt, Abt Number of bolts per shear plane, nbolt Bolting pattern:

Horizontal distance to extreme bolt, x Vertical distance to extreme bolt, y Thickness of each plywood gusset

Thickness of timber member, t2 Depth of inner timber member, h

Moment of inertia of the beam, Ib d = 12 mm Abt = 84.3 mm2

Span of the beam, lb

Timber and bolt strength properties

Table 1.3, strength class C27 (BS EN 338:2003(E), Table 1)

Characteristic shear strength, fv k

Characteristic bearing strength, fc.90.k

Characteristic density of the timber, pk

Mean density of the timber, pm

Mean modulus of elasticity of the timber parallel to the grain, E0.mean

Mean shear modulus of the timber parallel to the grain, G0.mean

/v.k = 2.8 N/mm2 /c.90.k = 2.6 N/mm2 Pk = 370 kg/m3 pm = 450 kg/m3 £ü.mean = 11.5 ■ 103 N/mm2

Table 1.9, 24 mm nominal thickness Finnish birch plywood Characteristic bearing strength, fp.c.90.k fp.c.90.k = 25.1 N/mm2

Characteristic shear strength, fp.v.k

Characteristic density of the plywood,


Mean density of the plywood, pP.mean

Slip modulus at SLS, Kser (Table 10.13 (EC5, Table 7.1)) (Mathcad adjusted to make it dimensionally correct.)

m3 m3


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