wall 2

Elevation of gable wall

1. Geometric properties

Width of each stud, b Depth of each stud, h Wall height, hp

Lateral spacing of each stud, Sstud

Wall panel width, Pw

Wall panel ratio must be less than 4, r 9.5.1, (EC5,

Wall length (wall 1 or wall 2), bp

Thickness of OSB, tOSB

Fastener diameter, dn

Fastener spacing, s b = 47 mm h = 100 mm hp = 2.40 m

Sstud = 600 mm

Timber and nail properties

Table 1.3, C16 (BS EN 338:2003, Table 1) Characteristic density of the timber pk = 310kg/m3 frame in the wall panels, pk

Design strength of fixing between the if.Rd = 397 N OSB sheathing and the timber frame,


Partial safety factors

Table 2.8 (UKNA to BS EN 1990:2002, Table NA.AI.2(B))) for the ULS Permanent actions, yG Yg = 1-35

4. Actions

Characteristic permanent uniformly qk = 4.5 kN/m distributed vertical load on the wall, qk

Design value of the permanent qd = yg ■ qk uniformly distributed vertical load on wall, qd qd = 6.08 kN/m

5. Modification factors

Basic fastener spacing, s0

Panel dimension factor, kd (equation (9.19); EC5, equation (9.27))

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