Bending parallel Bending parallel Tension or compression Tension or compression Panel shear:

to grain: f^x and ¿'m.o.mean to g™n: 7m.9o.t and im.90.mean parallel to grain: perpendicular to grain: fy k and GV1 Planar shear: fr 01 and Gr 0 mean Planar shear: ft

,90,k ^^ ^r,90,mean ./t,0,k> 7c,0,k -^t,0,mean» ^c,0,mean 7t,90,k»^c,90,k ^^ -^t,90,mean» -^c,90,mean

Table 1.13 Canadian Softwood plywood (unsanded CANPLY): strength and stiffness properties and density values
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