The relationship is less than 1; therefore the built-up section in strength class C16 is satisfactory. (A check at the glued connections will also demonstrate that the shear stress is also acceptable.)

Example 8.8.2 A glued spaced column is fabricated from two shafts of equal cross-section, 60 mm thick by 194 mm deep as shown in Figure E8.8.2. The spaced column is pin jointed at each end and held laterally in position at these locations. It is fabricated from C22 timber to BS EN 338:2003 and functions under service class 1 conditions. The packs are glued to the shafts, are the same depth as each shaft, and are aligned with their grain running parallel to the grain of the shafts.

Check the adequacy of the spaced column to support a combined characteristic permanent compression action of 25 kN and a characteristic medium-duration variable compression action of 35 kN applied axially through the centroid of the section.

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