Member 2 Member 3

Member 2

Type A2 split ring connector to BS EN 912

Member 1


Type A2 split ring connector to BS EN 912

Member 2 Member 3

Member 2

Member 1

Elevation t


1. Geometric properties of the joint

Thickness of member 1, t1

Width of member 1, h1

Thickness of member 2, t2

Width of member 2, h2

Thickness of member 3, t3

Width of member 3, h3

Split-ring connector, type A2, diameter, dc

Bolt diameter to be used with the connector, d

Loaded end distance of all members, a3.t

Minimum loaded end distance, amin3.t (Table 11.2 (EC5, Table 8.7))

Unloaded edge distance of all members, a4.c

Minimum unloaded edge distance, amin4,c

Connector spacing parallel to the grain, a1

Angle of connector force parallel to the grain, a

Minimum connector spacing permitted parallel to the grain, amin1 Table 11.3 (EC5 Table 8.7)

Thickness of metal in connector, t (BS EN912:2000)

Height of split-ring connector, hc (BS EN912:2000)

t1 = 35 mm h1 = 150 mm t2 = 50 mm h2 = 150 mm t3 = 70 mm h3 = 150 mm dc = 72.0 mm d = 12 mm

Satisfies the criteria in EC5,10.4.3(4)

Loaded end distance exceeds minimum permitted value; therefore OK

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