Radius of gyration about the y-y iy =

axis, iy

Slenderness ratio about the y-y Xv =

axis, Xy

Second moment of area of the Iz =

column about the z-z axis, Iz

Radius of gyration of the column iz = about the z-z axis, iz

Slenderness ratio about the z-z Xz = 110.85

axis, Xz

2. Glulam properties

Table 6.2, combined grade GL 24c

Characteristic bending strength about y-y axis, /m.y.g.k

Characteristic compression strength parallel to the grain,

Fifth-percentile modulus of elasticity parallel to the grain,


Fifth-percentile shear modulus, G0.05.g =

i z = 36.08 mm fm.y.g.k = 24 N/mm2 fc.o.g.k = 21 N/mm2

0 0

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