Example 8.8.5 The box section column, shown in Figure E 8.8.5, is made from solid sections of timber, strength class C18 to BS EN 338:2003, faced with 12-mm-thick Finnish 'combi' plywood, fixed by nails at 50 mm c/c. The column is 3.0 m high and functions under service class 2 conditions. It is pinned and held laterally in position at each end. The stiffness of each fastener is 900 N/mm and they are fixed at 50 mm c/c along each flange. The building is a Category C area in accordance with BS EN 1991-1-1:2002 and the timber and plywood face grain are in the same direction.

Check that the column is able to support a combined characteristic permanent loading of 15 kN and a characteristic medium duration variable load of 25 kN at the final condition. There is no requirement to check the strength of the fasteners.

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