Design rolling shear strength is greater than the mean shear stress in each flange; therefore OK.

9. Deflection due to permanent loading - at the final condition

The psi factor for this loading f2a = 1 condition is

Effective web thickness, bc.w.eff bc.w.eff = 4 ■ bw bc.w.eff = 188 mm

Transformed top flange width, bc.ef.c.tfd b c. ef. c. tfd

Area of flange in compression, Ac.ef.f.c = bc.ef.c.tfd ■ htf Ac.ef.f.c = 8.0 x 10-3 m2 A, c. ef. f. c

Transformed bottom flange width, bc.ef.t.tfd

Area of flange in tension, A^m Ac.ef.f.t = bc.ef.t.tfd ■ hbf Ac.ef.f.t =

Transformed area, Ac.ef A^f = Acf.c + Acf.t + Ac.ef.w A^f = 3.75 x 104 mm2 First moment of area of the transformed section about the top face, Ac1st

hw 2

Neutral axis depth from the top yc.t = face, yc.t

Second moment of area of the web, Ic.ef.w

0 0

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