Radius of gyration about the y-y axis, iy

Slenderness ratio about the y-y axis, Xy

Critical design condition

b2 2

i.e. the critical condition is Xz

2. Timber properties

Table 1.3, strength class C16 (BS EN 338:2003(E), Table 1)

Characteristic compression strength fc 0 k = 17N/mm2 parallel to the grain, fc 0 k

Fifth-percentile modulus of E0.o5 = 5.4kN/mm2 elasticity parallel to the grain, E0.05

3. Partial safety factors

Table 2.8 (UKNA to BS EN 1990:2002,Table NA.A1.2(B)) for the ULS

Permanent actions, yg Y = 1.35

Variable actions, yq Yq = 1.5 Table 2.6 (UKNA to EC5, Table NA.3)

Material factor for solid timber, yM YM = 1.3

4. Actions

Characteristic permanent action, Gk Gk = 40 kN

Characteristic variable (imposed) action, Qk

0 0

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