Failure mode (h):

F 1v.Rk.h = 1.25 ■ 2.3 ■ y/My.Rk ■ /h.a.k ■ d

The characteristic lateral resistance per shear plane per bolt, Fv.Rk

The design load-carrying capacity per bolt per shear plane, Fv.Rd

Fv.Rk = min(Fv.Rk.f. Fv.Rk.g. Fv.Rk.h. F 1v.Rk.g. F 1v.Rk.h)

KM. connection

The design load on bolt g per Fd = 4.89 x 103 N shear plane, Fd

The design load is less than the capacity of the bolt; therefore OK

Check the capacity of the row of bolts subjected to the maximum forces parallel to the grain, i.e. the bolts in the row positioned 95 mm above the centroid. (NB: No need to check rows perpendicular to grain as there is no strength reduction for rows in that direction.)

The characteristic load-carrying capacity per shear plane per bolt based on failure mode (g), FHv Rk.g, parallel to the grain:

0 0

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