The design tension stress is less than the design tensile strength; therefore the 47 mm by 125 mm sawn section in strength class C18 meets the ULS requirements of EC5.

Example 5.7.3 The column shown in Figure E5.7.3 has a cross-section 100 mm x 200 mm, is of strength class C24 to BS EN 338:2003, and functions under service class 2 conditions. It supports a characteristic permanent compressive action of 10 kN and a characteristic variable medium-term compressive action of 17.5 kN. The loading is applied 25 mm eccentric from the y-y axis and 10 mm from the z-z axis as shown in the figure and the permanent action includes an allowance to cover for the effect of the self-weight of the column. The column is 3.75 m high and at each end is effectively held in position but not in direction about the z-z and about the y-y axes.

Check that the column will meet the ULS requirements of EC5. (Note: the relative slenderness ratio for bending about the y-y axis does not exceed 0.75.)

100 mm

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