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Splitting capacity of member 2 exceeds the design shear force on the member; therefore OK.

Example 10.13.5 A 15.0-mm-thick plywood fascia panel with a characteristic density of 550 kg/m3 is supported vertically from a rigid base and is fixed to vertical 97 mm by 47 mm timber members by nails as shown in Figure E10.13.5. It is subjected to wind loading and the design suction force at the ULS on the panel at the timber support is 600 N/m run. The nails are smooth round wire, 2.65 mm diameter and 40 mm long, and the timber is strength class C18 to BS EN 338:2003. Determine the spacing of the nails assuming the connection will function under service class 3 conditions.

2.65-mm-diameter smooth nails

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