Number of connectors required in the wall height to connect each wall panel nv = Fm/Fy.Rd:

Connector spacing between adjacent wall panels, Sp

Adopt a connector spacing between adjacent wall panels of

7. Buckling strength of the sheathing

Thickness of the OSB, iOSB Clear distance between the vertical stud bnet = Sstud - b members of the timber frame, bnet

Buckling ratio (equation (9.16); EC5, equation (9.33))

Ratio tOSB

As the upper limit of the ratio is 100 the sheathing is OK

b net

8. Racking resistance of wall 1 under the point load at mid-length

The design value of the point load at F.vert.Ed = 22.8kN mid-length of wall 1, Fi vert Ed bp

The distance of the point load from the a = 2 left end of wall 1, a

Equivalent udl on wall 1, qi (equation (9.21); EC5, equation (9.31))

2• a-Fi i.vert. Ed b 2 bp a = 1.88m qi = 6.08 kN/m

As the equivalent wall loading is the same as the original udl design loading, the racking resistance will remain unaltered.

9. Strength of the studs and sole plates

In addition to the loading arising from the racking resistance of the wall, where the walls also function as load bearing stud walls, the studs and plates have to be designed to support the combined loading condition using the procedures given in Chapter 5 for stud walls.

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