where am,a,d is the design bending stress at an angle a to the grain as shown in Figure 6.5d, am,o,d is the design bending stress parallel to the grain as shown in Figure 6.5d, and W is the section modulus at the position of the applied moment = bh2/6, with b the member width and h the member depth at position x.

These stresses will be a function of the type of loading and the beam geometry, and where the beam is simply supported with a profile as shown in Figure 6.5, the maximum stress condition will occur when x has the value given in Table 6.5. The values of the maximum stresses in the section at position x are also given in the table.

The design requirement in EC5 is that at the outermost fibre of the tapered edge the design stress, am,a,d, must satisfy the following expression:

where fm,d is the design bending strength of the glulam member as defined in equation (6.2) and km,a is as follows:

(a) For tensile stresses parallel to the tapered face of the beam:

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