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Compression strength of bracing member Design stabilising force in each bracing member, Nbd (equation (9.6a); EC5, equation (9.35))

Design compression stress in each bracing member, a bc 0.d Design compressive strength of each bracing member, fbc.0.d ' ksys ■ fbc.0.k


Buckling resistance condition (5.3.1 (EC5, 6.3.2))

Relative slenderness of each bracing member about the z-z axis, A.brei.z (equation (5.3); EC5, equation (6.22))

Factor pc for solid timber (equation (5.6); EC5, equation (6.29))

Instability factor, kbz (equation (5.5b); EC5, equation (6.28))

Instability factor about the z-z axis of each bracing member, kbc,z (equation (5.4b); EC5, equation (6.26))



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