The stiffening effect of the built-up section is ignored and the capacity of the column is conservatively taken to be the summation of the strengths of the individual elements in the section.

If, however, the geometry and material properties are such that the section is symmetrical about the y -y axis, the effective bending stiffness of the built-up section can be obtained as in Section 8.4.i. Profiles (e) and (f) in Figure 8.4 clearly fall into this category and if the flanges in profiles (a)-(c) each have the same cross-section and are

Table 8.2 Effective bending stiffness about the z-z axis

Profile in Figure 8.4

Effective bending stiffness about z-z axis, (EI)efz

Built-up sections (a) where E\ = E3, bi = b3 and hi = h3

Built-up section (c) where

Built-up section (e)

Built-up section (f) and (b) where

0 0

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