iby iby= 28.87 mm


Mean density of each bracing member, p bm

3. Partial safety factors

Table 2.8 (UKNA to BS EN 1990:2002, Table NA.A1.2(B))) for the ULS Permanent actions, yg Yg = 1-35

Variable actions, yq Yq = 1.5

Material factor for solid timber, yM YM = 1.3

4. Actions


Self-weight of the beam, w w = b • h • g • pm

Design action from the self-weight of Wd = yg • w the beam, Wd

Characteristic permanent action from Gk = 2.25 kN the point load, G k

Characteristic variable (imposed) Qk = 3.35kN action from the point load, Q k w = 0.06 kN/m Wd = 0.08 kN/m

Design action from the point load,

(Table 2.8, equation (c) using the unfavourable condition variable action) Bracing members:

Self-weight of each bracing member, wb

Design action from the self-weight of each bracing member, Wbd Modification factors

Factor for medium-duration loading and service class 2, kmod,med (Table 2.4 (EC5, Table 3.1))

Factors for the beam:

Size factor for the beam, kh (Table 2.11 (EC5, 3.2))

Lateral stability of the beam, kcrit ( (EC5, 6.3.3)) Effective length of the unbraced beam, L ef

Critical bending stress, am,crit (equation (4.9); EC5, equation (6.32))

Relative slenderness for bending, Xrei m (equation (4.10); EC5, equation (6.30)) Lateral stability factor, kcrit (Table 4.3 (EC5, equation (6.34)))

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