6. Bending and radial strength in apex zone

As the beam is of constant cross-section, the critical condition will occur at the apex, under the action of the design loading:

(a) Bending strength condition Design bending moment, Md

Design bending stress, am,0,d =

(equation (6.23); EC5, equation (6.42)) Design bending strength, /m,g,d kmod.short ' ksys ' kh ' /m.g.k e.b ' Md

Design bending strength taking lateral /m.r.y.d = kcrit ■ kr ■ /m.g.d /m.r.y.d = 23.04N/mm2 torsional buckling and laminate effect into account, /m,r,y.d,

Bending strength of the glulam beam in apex zone is satisfactory

(b) Radial strength condition ( (EC5. 6.4.3(6))

Design radial tensile stress, at 9o.d (equation (6.25); EC5, equation (6.54))

Design tensile strength perpendicular to the grain, ft.90.d

Design tensile strength perpendicular /t.r.y.d = kd;s ■ kvoi ■ /t.90.d /t.r.y.d = 0.2N/mm2 to the grain taking stress distribution and volume factors into account, ft,r,y.d

Tensile strength of the glulam beam in apex zone is greater than the radial tensile stress and is satisfactory

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