6. Bracing Actions

The critical design load case at the ULS will be due to the combination of permanent and unfavourable medium-duration variable action:

Design bending moment in each glulam beam, Md

Compression force in the glulam beam,

Nd h

(equation (9.1); EC5, equation (9.36)) Design requirements for the bracing trusses:

The gable trusses are to be designed to allow the bracing to function as tension members and the bracing force applied at the gable member in each truss will be taken by the associated bracing truss. Internal stability load per unit length on member A-A, qd (equation (9.12); EC5, equation (9.37))

Design load on member A-A from each bracing member, Fd.q

Internal stability load per unit length on each gable member, qd.1 (equation (9.12); EC5, equation (9.37)) (NB: If the bracing trusses have also to resist external loading, this will also have to be taken into account on this member.)

Additional force in member A-A and the adjacent gable member at mid-span arising from the bracing system loading, Nb qd = k

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