Note: The relative slenderness ratio, Àrei, has been included for information.

where ac>0jd and fc>0jd are as previously defined, and kc,y and kc,z are the instability factors defined in equations (5.4)-(5.6).

The critical design condition arising from equations (5.12) and (5.13) will be the one with the lower value of instability factor, which will also be associated with the member having the highest slenderness ratio. See Example 5.7.1.

Table 5.3 (continued )

Strength class C24

Strength class C27

Strength class C30

Strength class C35

/c,0,k 21 N/mm2 E0.05 7400 N/mm2

/c,0,k 22 N/mm2 E0.05 7700 N/mm2

/c,0,k 23 N/mm2 E0.05 8000 N/mm2

/c,0,k 25 N/mm2 E0.05 8700 N/mm2

X Xrel kc,y (kc,z ) X

Xrel kc,y (kc,z ) X

Xrel kc,y (kc,z ) X

Xrel kc,y (kc,z )

0 0

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