Example 5.7.7 A stud wall in a domestic property, of the same layout as shown in Figure E5.7.6, has an overall height of 3.75 m. The studs are spaced at 600 mm centre to centre and braced battens are at mid-height. The studs, header and sole plates are 38 mm by 125 mm section, all strength class C18 to BS EN 338:2003. The wall functions in service class 2 conditions and each stud supports a characteristic vertical permanent action of 0.5 kN, a characteristic vertical variable medium-term action of 2.0 kN and a characteristic lateral wind action of 0.75 kN/m2. Sheathing material is fixed on both faces but does not provide full buckling restraint about the z-z axis of the studs.

Check that the member will meet the ULS requirements of EC5.

1. Geometric properties

Effective length of a stud buckling Le y = 1.0 ■ L about the y-y axis, Le y (Table 5.2)

Effective length of a stud buckling Le.z = 0.5 ■ L about the z-z axis, Le.z (Table 5.2)

Width of each stud, b Depth of each stud, h Lateral spacing of each stud, sstud b = 38 mm h = 125 mm sstud = 600 mm

Bearing area of each stud on the sole plate, Ab Ab — b ■ h

Cross-sectional area of each stud, A

Second moment of area of a stud about the y-y axes, Iy

Radius of gyration of a stud about the y-y axis, iy

0 0

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