The deflection of the beam is satisfactory

Example 4.8.3 A 75 mm wide by 300 mm deep simply supported LVL (Kerto-S) beam, AB, supports another beam CD on its compression face at mid-span as shown in Figure E4.8.3. Beam CD provides lateral restraint to beam AB at mid-span and applies a characteristic permanent load of 5.25 kN and a characteristic variable medium duration load of 7.35 kN. Beam AB has a clear span of 5.00 m, a bearing length of 100 mm at each end, and functions in service class 1 conditions.

Carry out a design check to confirm that the beam will satisfy

(a) the ULS design requirements of EC5, and

(b) the instantaneous deflection requirement at the SLS.

Loading from central point load: Gk.p = 5.25 kN characteristic permanent action. Qk.p = 7.35 kN characteristic variable action.

Beam CD at mid-span ofAB

Beam CD at mid-span ofAB

300 mm

1. Beam AB geometric properties

Breadth of the beam, b Depth of the beam, h Clear span of the beam, lc Bearing length, 4 Beam effective span, I

Section modulus of the beam about the y -y axis, Wy

2. LVL properties

Table1.15 - Kerto S Characteristic bending strength, /m.k Characteristic shear strength, /v.k Characteristic bearing strength, /c.90.k b — 75 mm h — 300 mm 4 — 5000 mm 4 — 100 mm

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