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6. Racking resistance of the wall assembly

Racking resistance of wall 1, F1v.Rd (equation (9.18); EC5, equation (9.25))

Racking resistance of wall 2, F2.v.Rd F2.v.Rd = F1.v.Rd

Racking resistance of wall assembly, Fv Rd = F1v Rd + F2 v Rd

Fv.Rd (equation (9.17); EC5, equation

Lateral shear force required at wall 1 and at wall 2 anchorage points

Vertical anchorage required at the corner of wall 1 and wall 2 due to the overturning force, Ft.Ed (equation (9.24); EC5, equation (9.32))

Vertical force at each anchorage due to the uniformaly distributed load (udl) on each wall, F 1q.Ed

Maximum vertical connection force in tension to be taken at each wall corner anchorage position, F1v

Maximum vertical connection force to be taken between adjacent wall panels in wall 1, Fv

Connector strength per metre height of wall panel, Fm.1

As the force per metre height of the wall exceeds the minimum requirement of 2.5 kN/m, design for Fm = Fm1 (9.5.1 (EC5,

Design strength of each connector between adjacent wall panels, Fv.Rd

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