where the function /c 0,d is as described in 5.3.1, and /c,9o,d is the design compressive strength perpendicular to the timber grain and is obtained as described in equation (4.23) and kc>90 is as described against equation (4.23).

Table 5.3 (continued )

Strength class C24

Strength class C27

Strength class C30

Strength class C35

/c,0,k 21 N/mm2 E0.05 7400 N/mm2

/c,0,k 22 N/mm2 E0.05 7700 N/mm2

/c,0,k 23 N/mm2 E0.05 8000 N/mm2

/c,0,k 25 N/mm2 E0.05 8700 N/mm2

X Xrel kc,y (kc,z ) X

Xrel kc,y(kc,z) X

Xrel kc,y (kc,z ) X

Xrel kc,y (kc,z )

0 0

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