Design force capacity per bolt FHh = nef • — • FHv.Rk.g per shear plane parallel to the nb grain taking bolt spacing effect into account, FHh kmod.


Hd d nbolt

Design force component per FHg = — bolt per shear plane parallel to the grain in each of the bolts in the row, FHg

Actual design force component in each bolt parallel to the grain is less than the permitted design force per bolt; therefore OK

10. Shear strength of the timber at end A of beam AB

The design shear force on the timber:

Summation of 'x' distances Sx = 3 • x of the bolts in the shear zone,

Maximum shear force -based on the forces in two shear planes in the line of bolts to the extreme left of the connection, F 1V v d (equation (12.19a))


Design shear stress within the rc.s = connection area, Tc.s

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