2. Timber properties

Table 1.3, strength class C18 (BS EN 338:2003(E), Table 1)

Characteristic compression /c.0.k = 18 N/mm2

strength parallel to the grain, /c 0 k

Fifth-percentile modulus of elasticity parallel to the grain,


3. Partial safety factors

Table 2.8 (UKNA to BS EN 1990:2002, Table NA.A1.2(B)) for the ULS

Permanent actions, yg Yg = 1-35

Variable actions, yq Yq = 1.5

Material factor for solid timber, ym = 1.3

4. Actions

Characteristic permanent Gk = 30 kN

compressive action, Gk

Characteristic medium-term Qk = 50 kN

compressive variable action, Qk

Design compressive action for the critical load combination, Nd (Table 2.8, equation (c) using the unfavourable condition)

5. Modification factors

Factor for medium duration = 0.8

loading and service class 2,


System strength factor, ksys not ksys = 1.0 relevant

6. Compression strength of column

The critical design load case at the ULS will be due to the combination of permanent and unfavourable medium-duration variable action:

Design compression stress,

Design compression strength, fc.O.d

0 0

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