Final deflection due to ufin.G = Uinst.d£ • (1 + fcdef) ufin,G = 22.86 mm permanent actions, ufin.G (equation (4.41); EC5, equation (2.3))

Final deflection due to ufin.g — uinst.g ■ (1 + ■ W) ufin.g — 23.27 mm variable and quasi-permanent actions, ufin.g (equation (4.42); EC5, equation (2.4))

Final deflection due to permanent and quasi-permanent actions, u net. fin

Adopting EC5 limitation on deflection - use span/250,


Precamber to be provided precamber — max[(u;nst - W;nst), (unet.fin - Wnet.fin)] precamber — 4.13 mm

Provide a precamber of 10 mm unet.fin — ufin.G + ufin.g unet.fin — 46.13 mm

Example 6.7.2 The glulam column shown in Figure E6.7.2 is made from combined glulam grade GL 24c to BS EN 1194:1999, has a cross-section of 125 mmx 450 mm, and functions under service class 2 conditions. It supports a characteristic permanent compressive action (including an allowance for the effect of its self-weight) of 40 kN and a characteristic variable medium-term compressive action of 75 kN. The column is 4.0 m high and at each end it is effectively held in position but not in direction about the z-z axis and the y-y axis. The axial load is offset from the centroid of the column as shown in the figure.

Check that the column will comply with the ULS requirements of EC5.

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