ber, 3.3(3)


Adjusts the characteristic tensile strength parallel to the grain of LVL to take into account the effect of member length when the length is less than the reference length given in EC5


LVL, 3.4(4)

No guidance is given in EC0 as to how the design value of a stiffness related property shall be derived and the values to be used in deformation and strength related analyses are given in EC5. With timber and wood-related products the value is dependent on the design state being considered; i.e. whether it is a deflection analysis at the SLS or a stress analysis at the ULS, whether or not the distribution of internal forces in the structure (or a member) is affected by the stiffness distribution, and also whether a first- or second-order linear analysis is to be undertaken.

Table 2.6 Partial factors for material properties and resistances, ym*


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