7. Yield moment of a bolt

Characteristic yield moment of a bolt, My.Rk (Table 10.5 (EC5, equation (8.30))).

(The equation incorporates dimension factors for Mathcad.)

8. Withdrawal resistance of a bolt

Tensile strength of the bolt, F 1ax Rk

(BS EN 1993-1-8, ignoring k FU.Rk = fu.k ■ Ab.t factor)

Bearing capacity of the washer: (10.8.2 (EC5,10.4.3(2)))

Bearing capacity of the washer (using the lower bearing strength of the timber and the plywood and ignoring any load F2ax.Rk = 3 • fc 9o.k • — [d^w - (d + 1 mm)2] dispersion effect - safe assessment),

F2ax.Rk F2ax.Rk

4 L"w

Characteristic axial withdrawal capacity of the bolt, Fax Rk:

9. Load-carrying capacity of the connection

For a plywood-to-timber joint with a bolt in double shear, the characteristic lateral resistance per shear plane is the smallest value of equations (10.7)-(10.10) in Table 10.2 (EC5, equations (8.7)), where:

Ratio of the embedment strength of member 2 to member 1, j2,1

Failure mode (j):

0 0

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