Combined stress conditions

Including for equations (5.21) and (5.23) in addition to equation (5.24) in the strength check:

Compression stress condition about -—--1—^^ = 0.28

the y-y axis kcy ' fc'ad fm y d (equation (5.21) (EC5, 6.3.2(3))

Compression stress condition about + km-rn^ = 0.77

the z-z axis

Combined stress condition ( , am-y-d— j + ^ gc-0.d— = 0.7

As all relationships are less than unity, the 90 mm by 200 mm LVL member will meet the ULS requirements of EC5.

Example 5.7.5 A 63 mm by 125 mm sawn timber section of strength class C24 to BS EN 338:2003 functioning under service class 2 conditions is shown in Figure E5.7.5 and is subjected to a characteristic permanent tensile action of 1.0 kN and a characteristic variable tensile medium-term action of 4 kN along the direction of the x-x axis of the member. The variable tensile action also induces a variable medium-term moment of 1.0 kNm about the y-y axis and 0.10 kNm about the z-z axis. There is no loss of area in the member at each end connection.

Check that the member will meet the ULS requirements of EC5.

125 mm-

z -•-
0 0

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