Design capacity of shear plane 1 exceeds the design force in shear plane 1; therefore OK

Check horizontal component in shear plane 1, using the effective number of bolts:

Horizontal component of shear plane 1 force in the connection, /v. d. 1 :

Safe approximation of connection strength parallel to the grain, FvR

Design capacity

Design capacity when loaded parallel to the grain exceeds the horizontal component of the design force in shear plane 1; therefore OK.

Shear plane 2 strength assessment (based on 2,3,2 configuration):

Double shear joint formed from members 2,3,2. For a timber-to-timber joint with a bolt in double shear, the characteristic lateral resistance per shear plane is the smallest value of equations (10.7)-(10.10) in Table 10.2 (EC5, equations (8.7)), where

Ratio of the embedment strength of member 3 to member 2, ^3j2

/h.0.2.3.a.k Fv.Rk.1.a — /h.0.2.3.a.k ■ ¿2 ■ d

0 0

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