Minimum width of timber for widthmin = 2 ■ nailspe mjn connection, widthmin widthmin = 26.5 mm t2

Ratio of actual to minimum width of —-= 1.77 i.e. OK

timber member must exceed unity widthmin

The nail connection using 2.65 mm diameter smooth round nails, 40 mm long, at 62 mm c/c, will comply with the requirements of EC5.

Example 10.13.6 A metal bracket made from 8-mm-thick mild steel is secured to a timber post by four coach screws as shown in Figure E10.13.6. The bracket provides support to a bracing member and is subjected to a design load at the ULS of 15 kN from a short-term tensile variable action at an angle of 45 deg to the vertical. The coach screws are 8 mm diameter by 130 mm long with a tensile strength, /ub, of 400 N/mm2 and pre-drilling is used. The timber is strength class C22 to BS EN 338:2003 and the joint functions under service class 2 conditions. The tolerance on the hole diameter in the bracket for each coach screw is less than 0.5 mm.

Check that screw fixings comply with the requirements of EC5. There is no requirement to check the strength of the steel bracket.

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