4. Actions

Design action on the beam, qd

5. Modification factors

Factor for short-duration loading and service class 2, kmod.short (Table 2.4 (EC5, Table 3.1))

Size factor based on maximum depth

Bearing factor, kc 90 (equation (4.22) (EC5, 6.1.5,(1))

Lateral stability factor for beam, kcrit ( (EC5, 6.3.3))

Factor applied to obtain bending stress in the apex zone, kcurve,b

k curve, b

Vc = V + 2 ■ b ■ h qd = 6 kN/m kmod.short — °.9

Factor applied to obtain the tensile kcurv stress perpendicular to the grain in the apex zone, kcurve,t

(equation (6.25); EC5, equation (6.54)) Stressed volume in the apex zone, V (Table 6.6) (Mathcad adjusted to make it dimensionally correct)

180.deg ap In ap

Approximate volume of the beam, Vc

Must be less than 0.67

0 0

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