Slip modulus at the SLS, Kser (Table 10.11 (EC5, Table 7.1)) (Not applying the factor of 2 permitted in EC5)

(Mathcad adjusted to make it dimensionally correct.)

Deformation factor for the timber, kdef.m (EC5, Table 3.2)

Deformation factor for the connection, kdef.c

(EC5, Table 3.2 with no factor applied - there is only one timber member per shear plane)

Characteristic tensile strength of each bolt, /u.k

Partial safety factors

Material factor

Connection factor

Factor for the quasi-permanent value of the action to be taken to be 0,

(Note: Because is 0 the stiffness values used in the solution will equate to mean values.)

Modification factors

Factor for medium-duration and service

ClaSS 3,

Lateral stability of the beam, kcr;t ( (EC5, 6.3.3))

Effective length of the beam, iei, (safe approximation) (Table 4.2)

Critical bending stress, tfm.crit (equation (4.8); EC5, equation (6.32))

Lateral torsional buckling condition (5.3.1 (EC5, 6.3.3))

Relative slenderness for bending, krel.m (equation (4.10); EC5, equation (6.30))

Lateral stability factor, kcrit (Table 4.3 (EC5, equation (6.34))

0 0

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