Example 11.12.3 A timber-to-timber tension splice connection incorporating spacer timbers and connected by type A2 split-ring connectors, as specified in BS EN912:2000, is shown in Figure E11.12.2. The main members are 50 mm thick by 150 mm wide. The central spacer timber is 70 mm thick. The split-ring connectors are held in place by 12-mm-diameter bolts fitted with washers compliant with the requirements of EC5, 10.4.3. The split-ring connectors are 150 mm apart. The connection is subjected to a tensile design force of 60 kN at the ULS and a tensile design force of 40 kN at the SLS, both arising from a combination of a permanent and medium-term variable actions. The connection functions in service class 2 conditions and all of the timber is strength class C22 to BS EN 338:2003.

Confirm the joint complies with the rules in EC5 and determine the instantaneous deflection of the connection at the SLS.

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