Kcrit H

At the elastic limit, CTm,crit//m,k = 0.51 and when applying this to equation (4.10), ^rel,m = 1-4. The relationship in equation (4.11) applies for all values of Xrel m > 1.4.

Equation (4.10) will give the buckling strength of a beam that is perfectly straight; however, any deviation from straightness will result in a strength that is lower than the value obtained from this equation. By limiting the out of alignment in a beam to the maximum values given in EC5, it is to be understood that EC5 considers that the buckling strength obtained from equation (4.11) will still be acceptable for design purposes.

When Xrel m is between 0.75 and 1.4, a linear transition relationship is adopted, reducing from the material bending strength when Xrel m = 0.75, at which kcrit = 1, to the elastic critical strength when Xrel m = 1.4, at which kcrit = 0.51, as follows:

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